Top 5 Coolest hidden tricks of Google

If you are Google users, then you might aware of its regular search engine algorithm update in order to ensure they provide valid results to its users queries. Apart from that perfectness in the search engine work, Google also holds the certain cool factors which are often considered as the hidden tricks.

The officials of Google built such hidden tricks for almost every of their products, in order to entertain their users; some of those cool quirks are listed below.

  1. Walking to Mordor:

Well you might hear the place Mordor, which is the iconic place listed in the Hollywood’s famous movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”. While searching this place in Google map, users would never stop laughing as the result comes with the warning message as “USE CAUTION – ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO MORDOR”

  1. Searching Recursion:

If you search the word “Recursion” in the search box of Google, Google will pokes you by displaying the word “Did you mean: Recursion” resulting you to check whether you entered wrong spelling for the word, though you entered correctly.

  1. Google Gravity:

Well, Google gravity is the fun factor, the search page of Google will be crashed once you entered “I’m feeling lucky” after typing “Google Gravity” in the search box. Make sure you disable the Google’s instant results from the browser’s setting in order to experience the fun.

  1. Searching anagram:

Just like the pokes carried when searching the word “Recursion” in search box, Google pokes you when searching for “anagram” by showing re-arranged letters for the word as “nag a ram”.

  1. Antarctic Penguins:

If you search the Antarctic in the Google map and select the Google Street View option, the little orange peg man will automatically changed into fat little penguin. Which will surprise you.

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