Heather Weber explains what you must keep in mind when you start running to stay fit

Running is considered one of the best ways to work out. Running helps in exercising all the body muscles at the same time so people who are otherwise fit must always include running in their fitness regimen.

Heather Weber , who is the part owner for Shapes Fitness for Women also stresses on the importance of running and she ensures that her clients are enable to include running in their fitness regimen too.

So, if you too have finally decided to start running, here is a quick guide for beginners which should help you develop a healthy and regular routine for running.

  • The right equipment: Running does not require a lot of preparation and equipment but just a pair of good running shoes and a sipper. You may want to start with the pair of shoes you already have or buy a completely new pair if the shock absorbers of the old pair are dilapidated. It is important that your shoe has good shock absorbers so that you do not suffer from any injury while running.
  • The start: The start of a fitness regimen built around running must be such that it slowly boosts your stamina and stress tolerance. When you start with the running regime, you should do some light stretching first and then go ahead with the running.

Also, when you start running, begin with a light jog and then slowly build up on the speed.

The frequency is also of great importance for beginners as you will get the benefits only if you are disciplined and regular.

  • The End: Just as you must not start with a sprint, you also should not stop abruptly. Once you feel that you have covered the stretch that you intended to, slow down to a light jog, then walk for a certain stretch and then then stop.
  • The environment: Exercising and running in the right environment is as important as doing these activities right. While you always have the option of running on a tread mill in an air conditioned fitness centre, you get the best results if you can inhale fresh air while running and that can happen only when you are running in open spaces.
  • The Time: Fitness experts like Heather Weber suggest that people should run or jog only when they are the most active. While most people believe that running early in the morning is beneficial, in reality that may not be the case. In fact, the best time to run is ideally between 4 to7 in the evening.
  • The Fitness Gadgets: Although this was not really a pre-requisite earlier, these days wearing gadgets that can track the steps as well as heart beat have become a must carry these days.

So, if you wish to follow a good fitness regimen you can always include running in your regimen. Just make sure that you take the help of fitness experts like Ms. Weber.

Ms. Weber is a fitness expert as well as a certified financial advisor. Ms. Weber understands the fitness needs of working professionals and advices them accordingly.

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